GAP! Girls Actively Participating

Girls Actively Participating! promotes the well-being of adolescent girls in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, through active participation in self-discovery, community building, and service to others.

Girls Actively Participating!

Girls Actively Participating! (GAP!) is a free, after-school program for middle school girls in Teton County that provides a fun, safe, empowering space for girls.


GAP! activities follow the themes of Building Community, Taking Care of Ourselves, Giving to Others, and Expressing Ourselves, preparing the girls to become successful, happy, contributing members of society. Through a variety of hands-on activities GAP! girls expand their horizons, strengthen their friendships, develop their talents, and gain self-confidence under the supervision and guidance of caring adults.

Founded by Amy Manhart and Julie D'Amours, GAP! offers a solid foundation on which girls can keep themselves happy and whole through the turbulence of adolescence and into adulthood.